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I haven't played through all the ends quite yet, but I've gone ahead and played once through the pov of both the characters and I enjoyed it to no end, I have to say! It was bittersweet to say the least and I'm glad that you picked to show that even in a bad time like this there's still nice people. The beginning was quite awkward and I gotta hand it to you for being pretty realistic with that. And ahh, I can't not gawk at the art and the pretty colors and their expressive...well, expressions. Plus, knowing so little and yet so much about the two protagonists just adds to the game.

Excuse my incoherent rambling, but honestly, loved the game to bits!

Loved it. Thank y'all so much for making this game. I loved the somber, muted, introspective, melancholy atmosphere.

loved it

really awesome game,i love the art style and even though there was a cliff hanger in the game,i was still satisfied

I loved this game. My favorite thing about this game is that you get to see the thoughts of both characters. I loved how one ending for each character is nice in a way and makes you wonder what happened. On the other hand, the "bad" ending makes you think what you could have done to avoid this. Especially with the "good" ending, I can't help but wonder the fate of these two. I wonder if it all led to the "bad" ending or if something else happened. Either way, this game is wonderful but, I do wish it wouldn't have left us on a cliff hanger.

I very much enjoyedd this great game, even though there not much gameplay its a beautiful game.


I played this game a few weeks ago and I had to come back to comment. It's still making me think about it. I wish there was a continuation or some way to find out what happened. That cliff hanger is killing me.

Hey there! I'm having trouble launching the game. I've got Windows 7, and when I double click the file to run it, my computer asks me permission (so I know it acknowledges the input), but when I say yes, nothing happens. Does anyone have insight into this? I'd really love to play this.

It was short and cute. Cute story, adorable art. 

Wasn't too long, but I actually really liked it!

Is there a way to turn off the annoying digital beeping noise that sounds when the text is being typed in the speech bubbles?



I really liked this, thanks

This game does not want to run on Mac OS High Sierra 10.12.6?? Downloaded and can't get it to run. 


If it's a school issued computer it won't work right away. It'll say "From an unidentified developer" or something.  So, after opening the zip file, a folder appears. Open it and pull out the app that says "Shadows." Next, right click on the app and open package contents. Copy "Contents." Create a new folder, titled whatever, and 'Paste item" (Command c, command v works fine.) Next, rename the folder to and click add. Then you have to drag it back to the folder and open it from there. :) Hope this helps.

I can't get this to launch on Mac OS Sierra...

I can't either.


but do they fuck?


IKR! That's all that matters!

Oh my gosh, I loved this visual novel, and can't wait to ;lay it through the woman's eyes in the future!

Outstanding little game, with such great graphics and facial expressions and the music was excellently done! Cant wait to go and record episode two and see the other side of this journey from the other characters eyes. Amazing 4 days work!


I will give as many thumbs up as I'm allowed for this game.

The story is captivating and the art is really good. And, holy sh1t, guys, you made this in 4 days??? That's really awesome!

Pure art! You did an absolutely wonderful job on this Lox. I loved
every second, I got one ending and plan to make a video on at least
another ending :)

Just getting into this. I really love the art style! it's the little things too like the rolling down of the power window that's amazing!

I didn't realize this was an ending as it happened so fast!

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This vn is simply alluring and captivating. The best part of the journey is not what will become at the end, but how they become through it :')

and yeah, you just heard million pieces of my heart shattered every time I read it.


I truly enjoyed this experience. The visual presentation is excellent and music selection is great (especially the mariachi haha). The story is solid, I've only experienced the game from Shelby's point of view but I am curious to see how Dustin's plays out.

It's an interesting setting for a visual novel, but given the characters and the scenario, it works splendidly! 

The game does a good job at playing with the heart strings, as many others have noted. 

It's an excellent visual novel that demands your attention, you should definitely play this game.

I also recorded a let's play of the game, if you don't mind.

Cheers and best wishes.


Never has a game made me cry and feel such intense emotions. Great job guys. I played Dustin then Shelby, think this is the way everyone should play. I can relate with both of them so much.

Created an account just comment 

I'm mad at the endings... You guys played with my heart and I'm crying. Good Job, damn it. Damn it all to hell... 

I made a gameplay of your work!

I enjoyed everything about it. Show me some love. ;)


I really liked this game. I read through the comments about the girl's pov (which is who I played) and how the guy's is really good so I'm thinking of doing another recording of his side. Thanks for making this game!

I finally had a chance to record and upload a playthrough of this game, and I had a good time doing it! I could feel the tension in the air, and can't wait to see things from the other character's point of view; especially now knowing that there is more than one ending. Great job! I hope to see more from you guys! Thank you! :)

Some one down in the comments mentioned that they didn't really get much from the girl's pov, and I have to agree. "Dustin's" pov gave me chills and honeslty left me hanging there. This game is really beautiful.


doesn't work on OSX 10.12.4


I didn't have much reaction when playing the girl, but when playing as the guy..... LOVE THIS GAME

That was such a nice little story. I really enjoyed it

My god this gameis incredible despite it's size. It made me all teary eyed :')

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Split this one into parts because honestly It deserves to be a two part series.

Honestly, I love this game. I've played it to the end and loved every minute of it. The story ended where it should end and not to any length that a normal apocalyptic horror game would. The fact that you could personalize the characters names also played a good part in the story too to drag you into the story even more than the dialogue.

It's perfect in it's own morbid, cheesy way. And boy, do I love Cheese.


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