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The road is long.

Two strangers sit side by side as night falls over. The car speeds down the open highway.

Without a soul around them, everything seems to slip away. On a journey to no one knows where, all they have is words and time. And that time is dwindling fast.

The shadows are chasing.

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a visual novel by Lox Rain. Shadows was made over the course of four days during mid-August 2016 and was released August 19, 2016. The game features two character routes and six endings. Recommended for ages 15 and up. Made with love and Ren'Py.

Content Warnings: mentions of suicide, killing, and violence, explicit language.

Lox Rain consists of Lorelei (Writing/Main Coding), Laiska (Writing/Editing/Sprite Coding), and Auro-Cyanide (Art/UI). For more information about the individual contributors, please follow the above links. You can also find us on Twitter at @yandere, @petitscygnes, and @AuroCyanide.

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episode 2 of this game and we are half way through. THINGS GOT SERIOUS in this episode. Come over and check it out :)

Just started this series

I have a problem with my download. Every time i press download then it automatically removes itself from my laptop and winwar and therefore i cant extract it.

that was mind numbingly amazing

Beautiful music, endearing narrative, and intuitive characters. Ahh such a nice wholesome game. Congrats and best of luck for future games!

Shelbi thoughts on working really hit me. I am glad these two had the opportunity to meet each other. Beautiful mention of the concept of "shadow", present as physically as in the mind of the characters. Thank you for this game !

Glad to have played this game, and that others keep finding it, too!
I haven't gone through Dustin's route yet out of choice, but might reconsider in the future. Even from the screenshot alone, seeing what I can get just by having the perspective of the other person is truly game changing (just like it would in real life).
More VNs should try for multi character writing!

Short but really nice game, the music and the art are really beautiful and fitting. 

This game is amazing. I love the art style,  the characters and their interactions. Beautiful game overall.

Somber, melancholic feel, enjoyed it bruh! 

This was honestly a really captivating story that was short yet bittersweet

Beautiful music, endearing narrative, and intuitive characters. Ahh such a nice wholesome game. Congrats and best of luck for future games!


that was   fun short game!~

does any one know the backround music name?


This was a fun little game! Play time was a bit under 30 minutes for me, playing one time through from start to finish.

I had some performance issues whenever the black speech bubble appeared. My computer slowed way down and audio got distorted whenever text on the black bubbles displayed. Other than that, I had a fun time playing!

(1 edit) (+1)

I really loved the artwork, and the simplicity of the movements and scenes. I enjoyed the mystery of this story, and would love to perhaps see more, and or a longer story, but if not. Its still a wonderful interactive story.

I found this first some years ago and now, I finally played it. It's really a wonderful visual novel. I think I would say it counts to one of my favorites now. The Characters have something we can relate to. Simply humans. Also, really love the music pieces here and the illustrations are just gorgeous. The story is built up very well and despite the dark tone it's somehow really heartwarming the whole time. So far I just played it with Shelby's eyes but definitely going to play it again with Dustin. (Info upfront, the lp is in german xD) 

loved this game!! Great job on making a amazing game ! Woulda loved it to be longer but just amazing on what it was!

Was a really wholesome, warm, and amazing game. The pacing, sounds and art went together so well; like a puzzle and made the whole game great! The twist at the end was great and a good build up to it. The dialogues were super natural and seemed very empathetic as well. 

Overall, it's just a beautiful game and really worth to play! Congrats and good luck for future games!


A lovely narrative with beautiful mood setting and atmosphere. Much love and many thanks to the work on this game.


This game was wonderfully done. I loved every second of it. The colors were beautiful, the dialogue was great, the atmosphere and sound was just awesome. Great game, would definitely recommend.  


I love the experience of playing this game, wow, the only thing that I would change is to make more clear which character is speaking, sometimes I got a little confused.


Quite well made for a short game. It's funny how much you can tell with little dialogue, atmosphere and sound. The colours compliment the artstyle and really look pleasing to the eyes. It was a good game, but not the best. 8/10 would happily play again if I wanted to.

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This game was awesome. You are really talented in developing cool characters in a short time, despite the game is only a few minutes long, I really got to like those two ^^

I first discovered all three endings with Dustin and then switched to playing Shelby, it was really fun to see how Dustin reacts on the split points and what you can change in the dialogue when playing as Shelby.

So, what's left to say? This game kept me playing for more than one hour and "earned" a spot on my desktop. It is really hard to express how much I liked it. Great job, thanks for creating xD


I loved it,m it is a short game but it feels complete, nothing needs to be add on. Very well made, maybe I've cried a little.

Very good game not wht i was expecting enjoyed it very much :]

hey, the game is amazing. i just can't express how much i like it, nice histori, sundtrack and everything more. i'm from brasil and i would like a translation, maybe i could do it if there is not one, i do it for free if it is need, thanks for the amazing game 


*Nibble* *Nibble*

(1 edit) (+2)

the writing here is definitely the highlight. It does a good job both of setting a range of moods (dark to lighthearted to sentimental) as well as displaying key differences in perspectives that influence how we act as well as look at other people. The characters are super complex and lovable, I found myself becoming really attached to both and feeling what they were. Definitely recommend playing at least once.


This was really incredible. It's amazing how the character's and their stories were built up. I found myself having an opinion on the character I wasn't seeing through that I was sure about. Then, once I replayed from the different perspective, it completely changed.  It's genuinely impressive how that was executed; this story conveys the complexity of differences in a person's personality and perspective. Both of them feel vivid.

This game made me feel hope and motivation  even despite being faced with certain desolation. I could perhaps write an essay about what it made me think and feel. This game showed me something I'll remember.


I didn't read the synopsis before downloading; I was just looking for a nice ren'py game to inspire me to work on my own.

But honestly, this is one of the most beautiful, poignant, and aesthetically gorgeous little games I've played. It'll linger so much longer than the play time. Definitely a keeper. Thank you all so much for this game.


This game is probably one of my most favorite games I've played to be honest. The storyline, characters and artwork are all beautiful, and I was shocked at how deep it got! Good job!!

Today was a perfect day to play some zombie visual novel! I played 2 endings and had a great time! What would happen while driving with a stranger, escaping from an invasion of zombies?

Beautiful style ♥

Just downloaded will make video on it after a while. Game looks great though. Meanwhile. ...

I don't know what I expected but this is a lovely little game with such a natural conversation pattern - good job! 🙌🏻

is there a walkthough of these endings?

this was just such a beautiful experience I have no words😭


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