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The road is long.

Two strangers sit side by side as night falls over. The car speeds down the open highway.

Without a soul around them, everything seems to slip away. On a journey to no one knows where, all they have is words and time. And that time is dwindling fast.

The shadows are chasing.

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a visual novel by Lox Rain. Shadows was made over the course of four days during mid-August 2016 and was released August 19, 2016. The game features two character routes and six endings. Recommended for ages 15 and up. Made with love and Ren'Py.

Content Warnings: mentions of suicide, killing, and violence, explicit language.

Lox Rain consists of Lorelei (Writing/Main Coding), Laiska (Writing/Editing/Sprite Coding), and Auro-Cyanide (Art/UI). For more information about the individual contributors, please follow the above links. You can also find us on Twitter at @yandere, @petitscygnes, and @AuroCyanide.

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was really beautiful and the characters conversation was simple but felt realistic  in a way but like i played many times and i keep in getting the same endings

Thank you for making this beautiful game! The mood the dialogue the atmosphere and especially the colors is wonderful much appreciated and please make more content :D 

Hi! Finally made an account on this site (+60 games downloaded, tho) to comment on this.

I love it, It's... so subtle, so precious. Played her side first, all 3 endings (I hope there are only three endings) starting with good. Sometimes I felt like... wishing for more, but I just brushed it off because that's just not who they are or what this game is.  The fact that your choices don't change only the ending is nice. Also, the way the endings work is pretty strange (the normal ending in particular, I suppose it was plot reasons but the car thing bothers me a little), I mean, thinking of what triggers them, you have a pretty weird type of zombie there; but I like it, it's hopeful.

Having the two sides tells you a lot about both characters;  not only because you can see what are they thinking , but because you can see the other character's default choices. For example, Shelby's last choice vs. Dustin's last choice.

And I just loved the little details in his text, I could almost hear him talking. Plus the art and the light shifts, so nice; helped the mood a lot! 

I really like it.

I played your game - very interesting indeed :)

this game is a masterpiece, I wish this game was more popular here in Brazil

i like the gay people from brazil

I really enjoyed this game! The art style was lovely and the dialogue was interesting, although I feel like I made things a lot weirder than they had to be. I'm sorry.

Hey, I played your game on my channel, I hope you enjoy the video :) 

The art on this is so good! I desided to play both sides just to see how it was. I really got into it! This was a really cool experience!

I loved it. The story was really something...made me think things through.:) The soundtrack was perfect for the mood indeed.  And I especially like the way the characters were drawn,just adorable. 

Thank you for the experience:))

Really loved this. 
I typically dislike Visual Novel type games but these characters felt real.
The story is heartwarming and sad. 

A testament to the skills of the devs that you form such an attachment to the characters after such a short time.


This was an amazing experience. I never even thought about what it would be like to be in this situation during a zombie apocalypse. 

A lot of the topics they touched on really hit home for me too. Oh and did I mention the art is absolutely stunning!? I LOVE IT!!


This game was simply, simple and amazing.


This was an excellent game


DUDE I just lost my time! I thought something interensting would happen, but it was like watching a movie that you don't care about, that is boring.


good game


Hi Lorelei! Thank you for creating this gem of a VN. It is experimental and that's what is great about it, people would not think to write a story of this tone and with this emotion.

Thank you for the all the blood, sweat, tears and wonder you've put into this game. A subtle story like this one needs to exist more prominently in the visual novel scope. We made a read-through of it to show some personal love. Thanks again!


This was an experience! I did not expect to feel so moved but by the end I really felt attached to the characters and genuinely teared up.

I loved this a lot and I kinda want to see what else the developers have made :P

(Here's a little video of me playing through the game)


i like the concept of the multiple protagonist perspectives but  i felt like they didn´t convey new information that changes your perspective of the characters.

i like the use of the zombie apocalypse as a metafor of the time you put into things that dont inprove your life and how can your world be taken away 

but i felt like the "bad ending" should be more cryptic, like maybe there in a situation that they have to trust eachother but if you didn´t told your secrets maybe they get more ambiguous concequence 

but at the end it was relatable in a lot of ways and i would love to see a full sice visual novel with this concept.


Hello, I also made an account just to leave a comment! I've been looking for short VNs, and wow, yours left such an impression. The dialogue and inner monologues are so realistic, and I love their expressions. For instance, the way Dustin looks on worried while Shelby looks away-- the way they both burst into laughter when the radio comes on-- the assets are so simple, yet you manage to convey so much.

This is such a good take on the human aspect of the apocalypse-- of the surprisingly simple worries and regrets people have after the adrenaline washes over. I like how the characters are normal people who realize how monotonous their lives have been after this drastic change.

(Spoiler warning for the following paragraphs!)

I also appreciated the option to view the story from both points of view. I played through as Shelby first and unlocked all the endings (which I presume are good/neutral/bad), so frankly, I was tempted to skip through the dialogue I'd already read multiple times when playing through as Dustin.

However, as I played as Dustin, I realized there was a lot I'd missed about him. For instance, I'd assumed that he wasn't much older than Shelby-- as in, late 20's/early 30's--, so I was surprised when he reacted along the lines of, "Christ, she's a kid!" Also, from Shelby's POV, I saw Dustin as unflinchingly kind and generous, so seeing his more human, inner reactions to Shelby's revelations (and his "I should have seen that coming" in the bad end) made him more understandable.

I'd like to believe that the two of them somehow, against all odds, managed to survive the night and continued living. But that's unlikely given the bad end, and I know what likely happened was that Shelby ultimately turned on Dustin. But that's why I think a cliffhanger is so effective for this story. Because this echoes what Dustin said-- that it's unlikely it will get better, but that as long as they continue living, they can continue hoping. We don't know what the conclusion is, but the characters were living when the story closed, and we can hope in a better future for them.

Thank you for such a beautiful story.


Imagine screwing up character design so bad.

What do you mean?


I literally made an account just so I could comment on this

I don't know what to say, the atmosphere is just perfect, it's so well done, the art is beautiful and the way things are described sounds relaxing but perfectly morbid at the same time (I mean, not to be edgy or anything but that's exactly it, and it fits extremely well considering what the game is about). You don't see a lot of 'end of the world' games that aren't so relaxing, a lot of them focus on shock or keeping the player on edge, which is still amazing to play but it's still nice to see a game with the world ending like this, seen in a different way. It's nice


I love this game. My brother played it through the girls eyes and I've played it through the guys. This could make a good drama movie someday. I hope so. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for making this game. It took me almost an hour to play both the characters' side of the story. I am amazed on how you guys made the characters feel so human. It really made my day to play this game. Music is soothing, graphics and art is phenomenal, and the story is simple, yet powerful. Thank you again for making this game. I can't wait to play other games similar to what you guys made. :D 


My videos are still pretty garbo tbh but anyway this game is pretty good! I enjoyed it quite a bit!

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I don't know why but this game made me feel sad and question my existence but not in a bad way 

but to the point I had to save the game before I felt way to sick from it

it's just when it comes to a sad and depressing atmosphere I never really survive most of the time when playing the game, it's only rare that I do not feel this way.In all honesty this is a good game and it's sad I didn't notice it any sooner.It has an amazing story and the atmosphere, art, music and dialog just make it worth the loss of storage.The fact I'm typing a story says a lot about this game and how much I really like it.


A short game but an a amazing one!


Great game! 


It has been a while but there is a few things been going on. This game though was very impressive. Great storyline and it really was a good game. I never saw any issues with the game although the language was very vulgar. It was a cool game though and enjoyed the story.

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Umm excuse me but i downloaded the windows zip file for your game and unzipped the file and opened the file and i went to the application and double clicked on the shadow.exe application and a message window showed up saying that it "could not execute and "could Shadow.exe  be missing?" Could you please help me? Please creator Lox Rain i really need assistance. : ( Please reply Lox Rain it was 63 days ago when i made this comment and you still haven't responded i understand if your busy but please take the time to help fix this error.


Its a good game! Well done.
But it actually made me think, do people really think that much or am i just the only one who is empty headed all the time. :P


I know I'm late to the party, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first playthrough!


A beautiful little short story. Great atmosphere and dialouge. 



This game is deep. It will pull you in different directions and, tug at your heart strings. Just like the comment down below you should play both sides so, you can get the prespective of both characters. This is actually my second play through of this game as, I have played it before on my main channel but, thought I would play it on my second channel that has no commentary. I'm glad to see this being popular again as, it's really a well made visual novel.

I think everyone should play both sides to the story. Even though a lot of the dialogue is the same, you really don't know the two characters unless you play the game multiple times through their eyes. It really humanizes them. Good job!


Story is great. Writing is great. Soundtrack is great. GAme is great.

This is a really good game! I played Shelby's side of the story and I liked how it went into her past and emotions on the situation at hand. I can't wait to play Dustin's side next! Good job!


The story is great. I enjoyed all of it. It was short but interresing !


That was pretty relatable (despite...you know: all that end-of-the-fucking-world  stuff) and enjoyable. Thanks for that ride <3

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