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The road is long.

Two strangers sit side by side as night falls over. The car speeds down the open highway.

Without a soul around them, everything seems to slip away. On a journey to no one knows where, all they have is words and time. And that time is dwindling fast.

The shadows are chasing.

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a visual novel by Lox Rain. Shadows was made over the course of four days during mid-August 2016 and was released August 19, 2016. The game features two character routes and six endings. Recommended for ages 15 and up. Made with love and Ren'Py.

Content Warnings: mentions of suicide, killing, and violence, explicit language.

Lox Rain consists of Lorelei (Writing/Main Coding), Laiska (Writing/Editing/Sprite Coding), and Auro-Cyanide (Art/UI). For more information about the individual contributors, please follow the above links. You can also find us on Twitter at @yandere, @petitscygnes, and @AuroCyanide.

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More information

Published109 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
AuthorLox Rain
GenreRole Playing
TagsVisual Novel, Zombies
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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Short but touching story. Good writing. Pretty nice game.

Is there a spoiler free guide for this game? I'm doing a let's play on this game but keep getting the same ending for Shelby's route.

Hey. I expected this game to a "Meh..." But I played it and it was actually REALLY fun Any know there was no action, the lighting, music, and art style was awesome! Would really love more added!

Hey. I expected this game to a "Meh..." But I played it and it was actually REALLY fun Any know there was no action, the lighting, music, and art style was awesome! Would really love more added!

Hey had a lot of fun playing this, am really going to try to go for all endings but I wanted to share that I played this on my channel. Naturally I linked people to this game in my description

Hello! I wonder how to contact developer by email? :)

A very emotional game, and it made me think a lot. I love this game. It seems so human, and not cinematic like normal "Zombie Apocalypse" games/movies.


I saw jacksepticeye play this... AND IT WAS AMAZING, I WANTED TO PLAY IT FOR MYSELF!

This is absolutely amazing! I just wish it was longer... maybe a sequel??

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video: https://youtu.be/bdiyT8K2zDk


lol, I almost cried. It was so sad at times. I loved it 100 percent of it though. My favorite part, though? Their reactions to the music. 10/10 would play again.


such a good one, just a as we like them . a bit short but really effective

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An absolutely beautiful game! I have to say it is a sensory overload to my eyes and ears, which is a good thing! :P I LOVED the music and the art, I can't express that more! It brought back memories of my childhood as well, weird I know.. But have a look at my let's play and you shall see why! :)

Video: https://youtu.be/U68LfmHHZh0

This is a really nice and creative little game. The art style is cool, the music is calm and weird but works for the story, and the writing is all well done. I have to say I didn't really expect the games story to go where it actually did. At first I was expecting the two to simply be traveling cross country together. But when what really happened comes about, it honestly makes the game make that much more sense. I also like how there are more than one ending to the story based on how you respond and who you play as throughout the game. All in all an awesome little visual novel with a close to home feel. I did a video on my experience with Shelby's story if anyone is interested. I definitely plan on going back and playing through Dustin's side and seeing how it differs from Shelby's.

IS THIS THE END? | The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car [Shelby's Story]

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Check out this YouTube play through!


Also please subscribe I could definitely use the support plus I play a lot of these games from this website and more also with anime reviews and much more :)


I've only played half of this game so far, but it's absolutely wonderful! You are an amazing storyteller and I'd love to see more from you. :D


I watched @Mithzan playthis game and I feel in love with it immediately! I really want to play this game (i only have a chrome computer) and would love to see the endings to this. This game is the best roleplay?novel game I've ever seen (besides Undertale to). This game looks Astounding! I'd love to play this game \(>ᗜ>)/

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The Shadows That Run Alongside The Car is a Visual Novel about two apocalypse survivors trying to find a safe haven. I'd say it's more about the journey than the destination it's really curious. Here's my impression of the game: https://youtu.be/HlGsv-udvyE

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Honestly...I went into this not expecting much and giving up right away but I got hooked instantly! Very nicely done! I can't wait to finish up all the endings.

Video: https://youtu.be/-WxjMcW8L2c

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Again, I really enjoyed the game. Did the Shelby route, and gained more insight on the character.The story is so gently depressing, yet hopeful in the face of oblivion. Great job again!

Video: https://youtu.be/mj3zHy3yOp0

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