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Loved the game I just wished it would have been longer and had an ACTUAL story, overall I liked what little the game had to offer I would love to see this game be an 1+ hour game. Sorry if I had some mistakes english isnt my native launguage

This game was really beautiful and poetic in a sort of way. 

Hey branimators! I’m back with an old game we played forever ago called The Shadows That arum Alongside Our Car 🚗 Zombies, apocalypse, oh my! 

I've only played through one ending. But it's so beautiful. I love this game and will definitely continue playing it.

this was absolutely beautiful. I don't think I could even find words to describe the feelings I felt while playing it. getting to see the perspectives, personalities, and feelings of both characters, paired with stunning visuals/lighting, and deep, hard-hitting conversations, the characters felt very real, and it was very easy to get sucked into this visual novel, and the feeling of despair and uncertainty that comes with the apocalypse. very well done.

Very deep visual novel. I connected with the characters.


Beautiful music, endearing narrative, and intuitive characters. Ahh such a nice wholesome game. Congrats and best of luck for future games!


Hey, you're game looks really good! I wanted let you know that this guy on GameJolt (PACK DEMON) reuploads a lot of games without credit and I think he stole your game:

Oh ugh, thank you for the heads up!


I loved it.

I love the game! I felt sympathetic to Shelby and concern for them. Please make more of this!

A really nice experience that perfectly ties up all of the endings it creates for itself, gives a really beautiful narrative and all of that for not a cent. Amazing, simply amazing.

Beautiful game really enjoyed the heavy hitting dialogue that made the characters feel alive. It also was such an immersive experience I felt like I was experiencing all this with them and the unknown ending a feeling of comfort but also a lingering feeling of worry I loved it PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE GREAT GAMES. : )


Man, that almost made me cry. Seeing the story in two perspectives and all. It's amazing how two people sitting close to each other can have such a varying degree of mindset. I really really hope there's a sequel somehow!! I'll pay if I have to 

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I enjoyed this short story a lot! 💙

The game has a certain vibe to it that I dig. Two people trying to find hope and meaning at the end of the world, told over the course of a night together in a car. Intriguing concept, good execution.

I really liked the lighting changing as the time of day passes, helping keep the one background of the game interesting and dynamic. Looking forward to seeing more games from you!


The game was great, just having the slow conversations in the car as they talked through the events, and the art was perfect to show the characters despair and trust in each other. I had to play the game twice just to see both of the characters' perspectives, it definitely was worth it just to see how they actually feel. I really liked the story and wish I could see what happens next.
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Steam? I will learn about this game in the comments to the review in steam =/


Their conversation was so comforting and bittersweet (especially their personal dialogue). I hope there's a sequel to this. If not, this game was still pretty fun!

Love this game! Artstyle is amazing

The atmosphere is really creepy and hits a nerve about the tragic tale of these two passengers driving on a road to nowhere.  End of the world never seemed so gritty until now.  I would like to see more choices though and what happens to these two, maybe a part 2?

Are you gonna make more of this? I really loved it. It is amazing.

This is one of those games where you can just grab a cup of tea and enjoy a wonderful narrative. It’s got great art, great music, and nice animation. What a fun time and great atmosphere. Please make more! 😊

awesome game

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If you seek a short yet meaningful experience this is the answer to your search. Highly recommend to play both sides of the story, it doesn't take long and the way the whole story unfolds is definitely worth it.

P.S. Better play the boy's part first, this way it is more engaging.

Thank you, dear devs, for making this evening so much better.


that's a piece of ar


I loved this game, the art, the colouring, the story, the music. Just perfect <33

Fun game, and the story is amazing but what is the meaning of this ending?

A short and sweet visual novel. Had a lot of fun trying to get all of the "endings" to notice the changes in dialogue.

this game was so good! i love the art, music, story and overall mood of it. for my first game i have choosen dustin then shelby. it me sad, i would love to see more of these characters. gameplay is around 20 min long. i definetely recommend this <3


Esse jogo é incrível, uma pena ser tão curto e não ter continuação. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores.

Fiz minha própria tradução, quem for BR espero que curtam.

Please continue this game. I'm looking forward to its continuation.

Would love to try but I only apk

Perfect experience, loved the beutiful animation, breathtaking music which was very goodly used to boost the atmosphere and the short story took my attention and I want just more! Looking forward to the continuation of the game!

I love this game. It's quite emotional and makes you care for the characters alot, because sometimes the interactions and the small things you notice can all make a difference later. Loved the artstyle as well, looks beautiful, likeable and realistic characters imo and overall a nice story. I also liked the fact that you can play both sides of the story which may give new insights compared to the previous play. Not really alot to complain. Good job devs! Keep making more like these!

Damn I actually cried...

Beautiful music, endearing narrative, and intuitive characters. Ahh such a nice wholesome game. Congrats and best of luck for future games!

really enjoyed this game - it was short but sweet

A good game based on reading about these 2 strangers after the apocalypse   I cried a bit during and after finishing both sides of the story.

Holy shit, this is the best VN I've ever seen, especially the GUI, breaking the average Renpy-made visual novel

Amazing!! So much feeling and it's really beautiful. 

Gotta say this is a really great short game. The dialogue very organic and characters relatable. Keep up the great work!

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