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Imagine screwing up character design so bad.


I literally made an account just so I could comment on this

I don't know what to say, the atmosphere is just perfect, it's so well done, the art is beautiful and the way things are described sounds relaxing but perfectly morbid at the same time (I mean, not to be edgy or anything but that's exactly it, and it fits extremely well considering what the game is about). You don't see a lot of 'end of the world' games that aren't so relaxing, a lot of them focus on shock or keeping the player on edge, which is still amazing to play but it's still nice to see a game with the world ending like this, seen in a different way. It's nice

I love this game. My brother played it through the girls eyes and I've played it through the guys. This could make a good drama movie someday. I hope so. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for making this game. It took me almost an hour to play both the characters' side of the story. I am amazed on how you guys made the characters feel so human. It really made my day to play this game. Music is soothing, graphics and art is phenomenal, and the story is simple, yet powerful. Thank you again for making this game. I can't wait to play other games similar to what you guys made. :D 


My videos are still pretty garbo tbh but anyway this game is pretty good! I enjoyed it quite a bit!

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I don't know why but this game made me feel sad and question my existence but not in a bad way 

but to the point I had to save the game before I felt way to sick from it

it's just when it comes to a sad and depressing atmosphere I never really survive most of the time when playing the game, it's only rare that I do not feel this way.In all honesty this is a good game and it's sad I didn't notice it any sooner.It has an amazing story and the atmosphere, art, music and dialog just make it worth the loss of storage.The fact I'm typing a story says a lot about this game and how much I really like it.

A short game but an a amazing one!

Great game! 

It has been a while but there is a few things been going on. This game though was very impressive. Great storyline and it really was a good game. I never saw any issues with the game although the language was very vulgar. It was a cool game though and enjoyed the story.

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Umm excuse me but i downloaded the windows zip file for your game and unzipped the file and opened the file and i went to the application and double clicked on the shadow.exe application and a message window showed up saying that it "could not execute and "could Shadow.exe  be missing?" Could you please help me? Please creator Lox Rain i really need assistance. : ( Please reply Lox Rain it was 63 days ago when i made this comment and you still haven't responded i understand if your busy but please take the time to help fix this error.


Its a good game! Well done.
But it actually made me think, do people really think that much or am i just the only one who is empty headed all the time. :P

I know I'm late to the party, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first playthrough!

A beautiful little short story. Great atmosphere and dialouge. 


This game is deep. It will pull you in different directions and, tug at your heart strings. Just like the comment down below you should play both sides so, you can get the prespective of both characters. This is actually my second play through of this game as, I have played it before on my main channel but, thought I would play it on my second channel that has no commentary. I'm glad to see this being popular again as, it's really a well made visual novel.

I think everyone should play both sides to the story. Even though a lot of the dialogue is the same, you really don't know the two characters unless you play the game multiple times through their eyes. It really humanizes them. Good job!


Story is great. Writing is great. Soundtrack is great. GAme is great.

This is a really good game! I played Shelby's side of the story and I liked how it went into her past and emotions on the situation at hand. I can't wait to play Dustin's side next! Good job!

The story is great. I enjoyed all of it. It was short but interresing !

That was pretty relatable ( know: all that end-of-the-fucking-world  stuff) and enjoyable. Thanks for that ride <3

This was an interesting short story. I enjoyed most of it,  while I played it through the girls eyes. 

The game is really good. İt has an absolutely great story and art style. I had a lot of fun. I just think there should be more choices. 

I've downloaded the game, but i cant figure out how to play it. Any help?

Open it with winRAR, than double click Shadows.exe.

I love this. They really made a good thing out of a bad situation. 

Beautiful little story, very human and touching.  Agree with the commenter below that it is sometimes hard to see who is talking. Still, nice atmosphere.

This was an interesting experience. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!

Loved it! Really made me feel for the characters and somehow found them relatable. Wish you would continue this story. 


The game is really a nice one. Especially enjoyed during a brisk evening on the shore :)

My only suggestion is to better underline the owner of the words/thoughts, because at night scenes and dimmer display, I struggle to see where the text box points to.


This game was so simple, yet so interesting and well written. I love the art (especially their expressions and the lighting, aaAAAHH)  and the dialogue and how you can see from different perspectives. Had to replay it multiple times, just because it was so nice and calming. I wish the game wasn't so short because I never want it to end hhaahah :')

The game is so good , I never played something like that here,and I really really wanna to take some money to this , but I can´t , but that game deserve more lot of players and all my friends will find this game... Nice I really like that 

Now ignore all of this , because.... whatever.

It's a bit limited in quantity, but I really liked both the art style and the writing of the story. Some of the interactive parts have nicely tough replies to choose from. I'd like to invite your game to take part in this year's Game Development World Championship!


Ahh that was a very beautiful game. It was short but also very sweet.


I really, really enjoyed this game! It was short, but that's what I expected. The length did not subtract from the overwhelmingly great quality of the game. I love the option of choosing which character you hear the story from, and the dialogue all around was concise and relatable. When I went into the game I expected a thrilling zombie story, but left with a new view on how to live life... and maybe a minor fear of the apocalypse. All in all, a really nice short visual novel. Great quality for the non-existant price!

I recorded my playthrough here - I'm not great at voice-acting, but I tried my best. Keep making great visual novels like this one! I'll be sure to play them someday :)

Short but deep, nice job devs

Quite a good game, Enjoyed it. (A bit to short)


I haven't played through all the ends quite yet, but I've gone ahead and played once through the pov of both the characters and I enjoyed it to no end, I have to say! It was bittersweet to say the least and I'm glad that you picked to show that even in a bad time like this there's still nice people. The beginning was quite awkward and I gotta hand it to you for being pretty realistic with that. And ahh, I can't not gawk at the art and the pretty colors and their expressive...well, expressions. Plus, knowing so little and yet so much about the two protagonists just adds to the game.

Excuse my incoherent rambling, but honestly, loved the game to bits!

Loved it. Thank y'all so much for making this game. I loved the somber, muted, introspective, melancholy atmosphere.

loved it

really awesome game,i love the art style and even though there was a cliff hanger in the game,i was still satisfied

I loved this game. My favorite thing about this game is that you get to see the thoughts of both characters. I loved how one ending for each character is nice in a way and makes you wonder what happened. On the other hand, the "bad" ending makes you think what you could have done to avoid this. Especially with the "good" ending, I can't help but wonder the fate of these two. I wonder if it all led to the "bad" ending or if something else happened. Either way, this game is wonderful but, I do wish it wouldn't have left us on a cliff hanger.

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